Serving Southeastern Wisconsin              (262) 495- 4377

Clean Mats

Serving Southeastern Wisconsin              (262) 495- 4377

Work Shirts

Removable Head Mops

Brown /



Removable Head Mops

Wet Mops

Dry Mops

Removable Head Mops

Salon Towels

Navy /

Clean Mats  also rents... wet & dry mops, bar towels, dish towels, blue and white bathroom roll towels, wash cloths, micro fiber towels, salon towels (both hand & bath sized), grill rags, red automotive rags, aprons, linen napkins, tablecloths, chef's coats, cook shirts - small through XXL.  All of our white goods are treated with ozone to kill all germs, Ozone kills germs 3200 x better than chlorine bleach.

In addition we offer cleaning of customer owned goods ... Coveralls, Workshirts & Pants.
Large items: Snowmobile Covers, Boat Covers, Comforters, Throw Rugs.
Need your Horse Blankets cleaned and repaired? Call us for details.

Also available are paper products and disposables
(restroom paper towel, toilet tissue, paper plates, plastic cups, etc.)

Bib Aprons

Dining Tablecloths

Removable Head Mops
Floor Mops

Walk Off Mats 
Our rentals start at just $ 3.25 a week per
every 3' x 5' mat you require!
(4' x 6's are $4.75, 3' x 10's $6.25).
They're available in several colors, too!

Removable Head Mops

Charcoal /

Micro Fiber Towels

Removable Head Mops
Removable Head Mops

Dining Napkins

Removable Head Mops

Waist Aprons

Removable Head Mops

Most customers use our service weekly
for winter & spring and then drop down
to bi-weekly during the less messy months.

Kitchen Towels

Removable Head Mops
Removable Head Mops



Chef's Coats

Cotton Bar Towels

Solid Red

7 Stock Sizes, 8 Colors!

* Special sizes also available - call us for a quote.

Red /