Removable Head Mops

Most customers use our service weekly
for winter & spring and then drop down
to bi-weekly during the less messy months.

Removable Head Mops
Removable Head Mops

Navy /

Charcoal /

Removable Head Mops


Bib Aprons

Removable Head Mops
Removable Head Mops

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Work Shirts

Removable Head Mops


Walk Off Mats 
Our rentals start at just $ 3.25 a week per
every 3' x 5' mat you require!
(4' x 6's are $4.75, 3' x 10's $6.25).
They're available in several colors, too!

Removable Head Mops

7 Stock Sizes, 8 Colors!

* Special sizes also available - call us for a quote.

Dining Tablecloths

Floor Mops

Clean Mats

Wet Mops

Dry Mops

Removable Head Mops

Micro Fiber Towels

Dining Napkins

Removable Head Mops

Brown /

Also available are paper products and disposables
(restroom paper towel, toilet tissue, paper plates, plastic cups, etc.)

Removable Head Mops

Kitchen Towels

Salon Towels

Solid Red

Red /

Cotton Bar Towels

In addition we offer cleaning of customer owned goods ... Coveralls, Workshirts & Pants.
Large items: Snowmobile Covers, Boat Covers, Comforters, Throw Rugs.
Need your Horse Blankets cleaned and repaired? Call us for details.

Waist Aprons

Clean Mats  also rents... wet & dry mops, bar towels, dish towels, blue and white bathroom roll towels, wash cloths, micro fiber towels, salon towels (both hand & bath sized), grill rags, red automotive rags, aprons, linen napkins, tablecloths, chef's coats, cook shirts - small through XXL.  All of our white goods are treated with ozone to kill all germs, Ozone kills germs 3200 x better than chlorine bleach.

Chef's Coats


Serving Southeastern Wisconsin              (262) 495- 4377